Foolish Choices Through Fixation

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Natasha knew me too well. She waited until I was into the music before she pounced. "So, why am I dropping you off and picking you up from Josh when you said you'd broken up with him?"

"I never said we'd broken up."

"Right. This may mean I need a visit to the doctor's office to get my ears syringed, since my hearing is obviously shot."

I sighed and then went back to singing along with Chronixx's latest hit.

"So you're gonna ignore me?"

"Yes, since you're trying to stress me out."

She sighed and then glanced my way after letting a group of pedestrians cross the street. "I don't mean to come down on you, but like I said, Josh brings out the worst in you and even if things are great now, sooner or later the two of you will be fighting again."

I sat up in the seat. What she said might be true, but it didn't give her the authority to interfere in my life. "Josh makes me happy—"

Her eye roll stopped me in mid sentence. "What's that bit of drama supposed to mean."

"I just told you that boy makes you crazy as hell and you're telling me he makes you happy? Get your head on straight, Kell."

"Why are we arguing over this?"

She gripped the wheel hard and then sighed, long and loud. "You're right. It's your life. If you think the frequent ups and downs with him are worth it, then to hell with what I think."

"Exactly." I folded my arms and let out a sneaky grin. "He makes me soooo happy."

She gave me a killing glare. "What the hell did he just do to you?"

I couldn't hold her gaze, so I looked away.

She let out a spiteful laugh. "Don't tell me you let him feel you up inside that house."

I cleared my throat, but didn't say anything. The traffic became a source of fascination and I counted cars going in the opposite direction.

"You didn't," she said, adding a snicker.

When I still didn't speak, she crowed, "You did, didn't you? Stupid girl."

"For your information, we had fun. I enjoyed it and that's what matters."

She brought the car to a stop at my gate and turned to face me. "I'm sorry I laughed, but … " She opened her hands as if searching for words. "If it's not something the two of you agreed to do for the thrill factor, then it's what I said, him taking the opportunity to cop a feel."

"Not everything in this life has to be deathly serious, you know."

"I know, Kell, but I also know you. You're not the kind of girl who throws herself around."

"You're in a steady and happy relationship with Karim, so you think it gives you the right to tell other people what to do."

She pulled back, her eyes and mouth wide open. "You think that's what I'm doing?"

"Isn't it?"

She lowered her eyebrows in a frown. "I'm only telling you these things because I love you and don't want to see you hurting again. End of story."

"Thanks," I said in a tone that made it clear I wasn't the least bit grateful. "But, I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself."

She licked her lip as if thinking about what she was going to say next. She waited until our eyes met before she spoke. "Well then, don't call me to take you back and forth as long as you're going to see him."

"Are you serious?"

"As a judge."


"That's my decision and this is my car."

She had to be kidding, but her expression said she wasn't joking.

I flung the door open, stumbled out and nearly crashed to the grass. When I got my knees to hold me straight, I slammed the door and spoke to her through the window. "You can take your decision and your car and shove them right up your ass, Miss Goody-Goody."

Natasha got out of the car and I swore she would rip my head off right there on the sidewalk, but all she did was lock up while looking at me over the roof.

I didn't know what made me spew like that, but I also didn't want to apologize. Too bad I’d already typed up her damn paper and emailed it. Otherwise, she would have been in a spot because I wouldn’t be lifting a finger to help her.

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  1. I thought it was about to be a cat fight! That was some intense exchange.

    1. Nope, these girls tell it like it is and then move on.

  2. You always use the best verbs. It makes all the action that much more intense.

    1. Thanks, Micheal. I am all about studying the craft.

  3. That was some serious catfight :). Thanks for sharing this Joy, and here's wishing you well for the book. I"m looking for guest posters to talk about writing for my Wordpress blog-- was wondering if you'd be interested.


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