Thanksgiving & A Steal ...

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Jamaica, but that doesn’t mean we’re not aware of the holiday. American celebrations have gradually crept into Jamaica’s culture. Some people have Halloween parties and I know that the American community here will be celebrating Thanksgiving. I’ve also been hearing ads for Black Friday sales.

I like the idea of Thanksgiving, which gives people time to pause and think about all the wonderful things they enjoy and for which they should be grateful. We Jamaicans have quite a few public holidays on our calendar, but if we had Thanksgiving in addition, that would be one day of celebration I would support wholeheartedly.

To my acquaintances, friends and family in the United States, I say be safe and enjoy the time with your family and friends. To those who are alone, continue to give thanks for all your benefits and blessings.

I’m taking advantage of Black Friday from Thursday and invite you to check out these books, if you haven’t already. At a dollar a piece, they’re a steal.

Here’s the link to my Amazon Author Page and a free romantic holiday read.


  1. I wish you many sales. I just purchased two of them.

  2. Great deal. Thanksgiving is something everyone should celebrate every day of the year.

  3. They don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Mexico, either. But we had a turkey at my sister-in-law's and invited the few Americans we know here. We celebrate Thanksgiving in October in Canada. Living in Mexico for the winter, despite the terrible internet connection, causes us great thanksgiving.

  4. Hope you had a great week with some good sales. We don't have Thanksgiving in the UK of course but Black Friday is over here now and it's been absolutely insane!


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