I've Been Blitzed & Ten Things Every Writer Should Do

Monday, July 7, 2014

Thanks to D.L. Hammons, I was blitzed on the IWSG post day, last Wednesday. I've been working down the list of people who were kind enough to visit, but haven't completed that task as yet. 

Meantime, I'd like to thank D.L. for that honour and say thanks also to those who offered encouragement. I took away some important lessons from my fellow writers and have listed them below. These are things we know, but often forget while rubbernecking on the other side of the fence.

  1. Take time out to appreciate where I am on my writing journey. Like the Desiderata says, stop comparing myself with others. Who wants to run the risk of becoming vain and bitter? Not me!
  2. Evaluate how much I've accomplished and celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how small. 
  3. Use other people's success as a source of inspiration, but take time to produce quality work at my own pace. Readers like talking about good books. Make each one the best it can be, no matter how long it takes to write and produce. 
  4. Success is measured in different ways. Remember what's important to me - best-seller list or making a lasting impact through a good story. I'd choose the latter. 
  5. Resist the urge to compete or compare myself with other people, since I don't have a clue what another writer is experiencing. One writer shared a great quote - Look in the mirror, there's your competition. 
  6. Since half the year has passed, it's a great time to assess what goals I've accomplished. 
  7. Since writing is not a rush to get books to market, after assessing where I am, I should reassess where I am and set tangible and realistic goals. 
  8. Sometimes I forget that my experience is not unique. I should remember I am not alone on this journey and that I have the support of wonderful writers, who can help in a variety of ways. I only need to ask for assistance. 
  9. Be courageous. Try new and different marketing strategies. That's the wonderful thing about being independent. If one strategy doesn't work, I can try something else. There's nothing wrong with trial and error, many inventions came about through that route. 
  10. Don't give in to insecurity. Send it packing when it comes calling. A pity party (no matter how short) is a waste of time that can be used constructively.

And a bonus. The grass will always look greener on the other side of the fence. If I want mine to be just as green, I should do the work, get to watering. The results will come in due time if I stay true to myself and what I want to accomplish as a writer.

See? Stuff we all know but tend to forget. Thanks for visiting and if I take a little while to get back to you, don't worry. I'll have limited internet access, but I'm on my way. Thanks for your friendship and support.


  1. Glad you had a good Blitz day!
    We should each enjoy and appreciate our own journey.

  2. Sounds like you got some good advice. You should look at what others have done to inspire you, but not to make you feel like you haven't done enough.

  3. Wow. The folks who read your blog are REALLY SMART.

    ::pats self on back::


  4. Excellent! I needed to read this today. I just tweeted the link.

  5. It's always good to be reminded of what we do know, but can sometimes lose sight of in our more vulnerable moments. :)

    The Blitz is awesome, isn't it?

  6. I'm loving the blitz, I'm finding so many wonderful blogs as a result. Love yours! great list btw :)

  7. Congrats on your blitz day!!
    Love this list! sending insecurities packing is SO hard, but I'm working on it too :)

  8. So true, Alex.

    If only we'd realize that, Diane.

    Sarah, I got tons of great advice. Thanks for yours.

    Robin, true word. Thanks for being a great pal.

    Carol, thanks

    Clarissa, I agree with that.

    That's right, Trisha. Every so often, we need to remind ourselves about the things that matter.

    Beth, glad you're finding some new folks.

    Jemi, thanks. I trying to kick my insecurities to the kerb too.

  9. Here, here! What would we do without one another? There's such an amazing community of support if we just reach out. =)

  10. The Blitz ia a great idea that DL had and has been very encouraging for bloggers.There are many things we all know but tend to forget. Thanks for the reminders Joy!

  11. We do have to take the time to appreciate our journeys. They're unique and special. We're like no one else. Glad you enjoyed your Blitz. :)

  12. Don't worry about those insecurities! You'll always make progress :)

  13. I, OTOH, am considering bribing my neighbour into treating my lawn as his lawn and making it beautiful too. After all, it is touching his lawn. People probably wonder why one side is so pretty and the other side isn't. don't you think???

  14. Congrats on your Blitz! I know it was a success. Love that you're taking time to set out things you want to remember to do. Very important.

  15. A great top ten list. This is stuff we should ALL try to remember.

  16. I'm trying the enjoy the journey as well. And be courageous too! Right about now I feel like a wuss. :(

  17. Loved your list. Several things on there that I need to remember. Thanks.

  18. Oh-so-true about the grass being greener, and if you want yours just as green, not to forget to water your side! I love it. :) Great list, too!

  19. "Look in the mirror, there's your competition."
    I like this one a lot. Although I think competition, when is devoid of jealousy, it's always a good thing. Especially for a writer :-)

  20. I love your list. It's hard to pick a favourite, but I think it has to be the first one: appreciate where I am on my writing journey.


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