Kidnapping, Murder & Software Piracy

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kidnapping, murder and software piracy … a recipe for disaster with love as the main ingredient.

After the shooting and the hospital stay…

She faced the room. Mark's house reeked of sterility, as if he'd told some craftsman to build a set of furniture to specification and then forgot to stamp his personality on his home.
The place was too neat, as if nobody lived there. She shrugged, thinking that he had just moved in, which could be why the house had the character of an empty fridge.
Mark came in then, carrying a tray that held two cups.
She sniffed the air. "Coffee. Lovely."
"You're having tea," he said.
"You're on medication."
"Fine then, but you know I hate the stuff."
"It won't kill you." He patted the bed. "Here. Sit."
She drank the insipid liquid, and then shoved the cup at him. "All done. Thanks."
He placed the empty cups on the chest-of-drawers and ambled toward the bathroom, pulling his tee-shirt over his head. "Time for your shower."
"So why are you taking your clothes off?"
Shirt dangling from his hand, he said, "You're going to need help. How do you plan to wash your hair with one hand?"
"I'll manage."
Akimbo, he frowned. "Don't be difficult. You need me."
He slung the shirt over his shoulder, leaving his chest bare. Her gaze edged downward to where the hairs curled on his skin and arrowed toward his groin. His black shorts stopped mid-thigh, leaving his sturdy legs exposed. Did he really expect her to get in the shower with him?
Perusal over, she met his eyes.
He grinned, which irritated her.
With a narrow-eyed glare, she warned him to watch his words.
Tipping his head to one side, he laughed. "I know you can't be thinking about taking advantage of me."

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  1. You really know how to paint a scene. Great work :)

  2. I knew it was coming up soon! Congratulations, Joy.

  3. Thanks guys, hope you both have a great day.

  4. Congratulations and happy birthday!

  5. Just purchased it straight from Smashwords. Nice bargain! Congrats Joy and Happy Birthday. That was quite an excerpt. Who is taking advantage of whom?

  6. Hey J. L - thanks for stopping by my blog! Looks like you too have been hard at work if all these books are to go by :o) That's the goal of all of us. :o)

  7. That was just lovely. The 2nd and 4th lines set the mood perfectly. I can see that place!

  8. I like the comparison of the apartment to an empty fridge. That's genius.

  9. Happy birthday and congratulations on your newest release!

  10. Thanks for coming by Holly, Michael and Rachel. Not sure what's happening, but I keep posting replies that are disappearing.

  11. "Taming Celeste" indeed. She's a tough nut to crack. I have to agree with her though. I hate tea.

  12. I've always been a fan of yours, Joy. Feel lilke I know these characters.

    I was looking for your IWSG post...?


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