D is for Distrust

Friday, April 4, 2014


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How do you convince that suspicious friend there’s gotta be a better way?


  1. Let her know if she wants to spy on others it's her business but I'm heading home. This might make her reconsider and not stay behind by herself.

  2. "Dude! How would you react if he was spying on you? You're acting like a crazy person!" Sometimes it's best to be straight forward but if she doesn't want to listen she simple won't. So, it's either that or remind her of Brad's good qualities and that she is being irrational.

  3. How about just talking to him instead?

  4. If Brad is that lady's husband or boyfriend and her gut tells her is cheating... a little fact-checking isn't so bad. In my life, not listening to my gut always ended badly. I've only had one boyfriend cheat on me, but my gut told me he was doing it... and it took a while to determine that I was right. BUT, I tried talking to him and he just DENIED DENIED DENIED. I know that makes him a cheater and a liar, but the thing is most cheaters lie. This guy was a bunch of other bad things that are not worth discussing here.

    Maybe the friend should be convincing her to hire a PI to do the spying. Is that a better answer????

  5. I'd simply just encourage her to talk to him. There's obviously big issues at hand if she feels the need to spy on him. She's either controlling and way off base, or she already knows deep down that he's being unfaithful and just doesn't want to admit it to herself yet. I also agree with Robin above, if she really thinks something is going on, a little fact checking is fine. How else are you going to confirm your suspicions? We're talking about a serious issue...

    Anyway, I LOVE your theme! So much fun and I'm glad I found you at a to z.

  6. I'd say some rhetoric about self esteem and no man's worth losing your dignity over. Is there's no trust, there's no future.

  7. If they have to go that far it's probably too late.

  8. No trust? Then why bother with the guy in the first place. Life's too short and there are a lot of other ways to spend your time.

  9. If she doesn't trust him, she should leave him.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my A-Z, JL. I see that your theme for D is in keeping with mine! :-)

    Good cartoons! Are they related to your lit? You can't convince SOME people. They'll lie in ways that you don't. It results in incommensurable relationships.

  11. True that, Sheena.

    LC. The voice of reason, yes.

    Alex, that would work nicely in real life and yes, her friend should say that.

    Hey, Robin, your thoughts will help with plotting. The gut always tells us when things aren't what they seem. Getting a pro would definitely keep girlfriend out of harm's way. :)

    Paige, yes, girlfriend does have some issues.In this instance she's a tad bit controlling but with reason according to my story.

    Joylene, so true.

    Maurice, in her story, she's heading there.

    Lee, so true that life is short with beter ways to pass the time.

    Ally, that's right.

    Sribbler, thanks. Yes, the toons are related to different stories.

  12. I'd say walk over there with a smile on my face and say, "Hi, Brad! Just thought we'd drop in and see how you're doing." Then walk away. Far, far away and don't look back. Where it's real that he's cheating or not, there's a distrust there that doesn't bode well for a relationship. Kick him to the curb and move on. :)
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  13. LOL Way to fact check!!!


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