Who's Ready for the A-Z Challenge?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Today’s a big day for me in many ways, but let’s just say it’s the day before the biggest blogging Challenge in the internet world.

The A-Z Challenge kicks off tomorrow and like a lot of people, I’m looking forward to that. I do wonder where the time goes 'cause I still haven't done all my posts. I have a little more time though, so hopefully, I don't get too stressed about it.

There was a theme reveal the other day, and mine will be Scenarios from A-Z. It’ll be fun and interactive and you won’t have to do a lot of reading, so pop by and see what that’s all about. BTW - for those with MG & YA books, I’ll be featuring books on my Jamaican Kid Lit Blog (which has been a dead zone since December) so send me a blurb, cover, bio and picture if you have a book you want featured.

Remember to have fun, visit others and leave comments. The IWSG site will have a corresponding post for each letter/day of the Challenge so do stop by. If your post of the day needs some love, you can add it to the daily thread on the Facebook page. Just be sure to respond by visiting those who stop in with you. All ready? Have fun! I plan to. I'll be one of Captain Alex's minions, so I'll be out and about, dropping in when you least expect me, so leave the lights on. Cookies and milk are optional. :)

If you have the time drop by the IWSG site and check out Seven Things I've Learned About Editing. Remember this Wednesday is the IWSG posting day.

I’ll be out and about for a while after this, hoping to return soon!


  1. Proud to have you as one of my Minions! And IWSG site Admin. Great post there today.
    Ready to rock the Challenge.

  2. Things have been INSANE my end...
    I'm working with a creative editor for my pieces... and all the behind-the-scenes A to Z preparation... my posts are just about done... just a bit of tweaking here and there... once tomorrow comes and the challenge kicks off I'll be very happy...!

  3. I'm not participating with my blog, but it was fun writing the posts for the IWSG site.

    1. Which reminds me, I have a couple to complete. Thanks for coming by, Diane.

  4. Hail to The Ninja Minions. Have fun J.L. A-Z!

  5. Love the ninja minion button! Have fun with the challenge and I'll catch up with you soon. :)

  6. Ready as I'll ever be. As usual, I've been toying with the idea of backing out, wondering if my posts suck, and scrambling to find something for letter K. Actually, this comment belongs on the ISWG site! :-)

  7. Sheena, I'll be doing my best.

    Elise, thanks. Enjoy your time off.

    Li, happy you dropped in. I think I'm crazy to participate, but what's one more thing on my jam-packed schedule? :)


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