A Look at 2013 & Plotting for 2014

Monday, December 9, 2013

This time of year, many of us think about what we’ve achieved, what fell by the wayside and what we hope to get done in the New Year.

Looking back, I can confirm that I’ve made some significant progress. Certainly more than I thought I had. Lynda Young’s Motivational Monday post over at the IWSG Facebook Page got me thinking.

Since January 2013, in terms of writing and publishing, I believe the most significant thing I've accomplished bookwise learning how to format eBooks. I thought it was beyond me, but I'm testament to the fact that anything we think we can do and put our minds to, we'll get done. 

January 2013

Retribution is a novel that’s close to my heart cuz the main characters are good people who love each other, but have complications like unruly kids and a vicious ex determined to keep them apart.

March 2013
Christine’s Odyssey was the first novel I wrote, but not the first one published. So many people have helped to shape this novel. The girl in this is one of the most vibrant characters I’ve written to date. I say that because people kept asking me what I’d done with her years after they came in contact with the original story.

Saving Sam is the stand-alone sequel to Christine’s Odyssey. My husband has asked why I tortured this child so. The only justification I have is that his story came to me that way. We never know how strong we can be until we are challenged to stand up for ourselves and that’s the basis of Sam’s novel.

October 2013
I got the rights back for Contraband, which is the second novel I wrote. I did some tweaking and since it’s a good novel, I don’t see any benefits to stashing it on my hard drive.

I wanted to get Chasing Anya out this year, but that won’t happen. It’s formatted, but the final edit hasn’t been completed. Sounds weird, right? But there’s a method to my madness. After I make the last set of changes to the manuscript, I’ll put it on kindle and read it again. I’ll catch any formatting and editing issues that way. Anya will see the world early in January. 

Meantime, I wrote a prequel to that story to drum up some interest. It’s out now and includes the first three chapters of Chasing Anya. The main character is not your run-of-the-mill woman, so I believe her story makes some interesting reading.
November 2013
That cover is posted below, along with the book blurb. I also intended to talk about the things I haven’t finished this year, but that’s for another post. Definitely will talk about a schedule for 2014 and how that'll work.

P.S. Just want to drop a word of thanks to all of you. Writers buy a LOT of books, which is why I always ask for help with my covers. Your input makes my covers interesting to look at and I’m grateful. So, what have you done this year? Any regrets about not getting some stuff done? Made a schedule yet for 2014?

Make sure you hop over to the IWSG site and enter the contest. There are some fabulous prizes up for grabs!

                One man. One woman. One wish.

After five years in a dead-end relationship, the last thing Anya needs is a man to upset her ordered existence. A quiet Christmas season with family is all that’s on her agenda, until her job puts her in contact with Christophe Mondesir, who refuses to play by her rules.

Caught between an interfering ex, a secret that gives her anxious moments, and a man with the power to make her forget promises to herself, Anya faces more complications than she can handle.

If her ex would stay gone, she might take a chance on romance with the man determined to spin her world off its axis. But the obstacles in her way leave Anya stuck in a groove with work as the main diversion from her problems.

Only Christophe's resolve to win her love makes the difference between Anya staying in a rut and pursuing her dreams.

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  1. You've been very productive! Don't worry that Chasing Anya didn't make it this year. Now you have something to focus on next year.

  2. I agree with Alex! You have done so much and so well, I admire you!

  3. Amazing! Hardworking working woman. So proud of you. Keep going.

  4. Your book covers are outstanding.

    There is a trick to book formatting but once you learn, it's a big plus.

  5. Thanks, everybody. For some reason, I keep thinking that I'm always behind on much of what I do, but that could be because I push too hard by setting unrealistic deadlines.

    Diane, my brain is so fried that each time I format, I have to look at the manual to do the table of contents, etc. I suppose if I was doing it often enough, I'd have it locked. :)

  6. Anya's story is very deep and emotional. As soon as I get a gift card I'm grabbing my copy. Love your covers J.L. Congrats on all you accomplished this year and best of luck on advancing even further next year. I hope to finish my novel for the 2014 JCDC Writing Contest in time.

    1. Hey, Sheena,
      Thanks, much. As to the JCDC event, I've been trying to complete the third in the series of MG novels for about two years now and still haven't finished. :)

  7. You've accomplished a lot. You should be very proud of yourself.

  8. Formatting ebooks is no small task and it's impressive you've mastered it. Congrats on all your books and novellas - you've done GREAT!! I've had a year to be thankful for too. I hope 2014 is awesome for all of us! :-)

  9. I think you had a fabulous year. Formatting ebooks isn't easy, and I've just started to learn the very basics. But until then, I'll leave it up to the experts! Here's to 2013...and the beyond.

  10. Thanks, Lee. I try.

    Lexa, thanks so much. It is a great feeling to be published.

    True that, Jay. It's not hard when you get the hang of it, but it is time-consuming, especially for someone like me, who likes fanciness. :D Thanks for the good wishes and I wish you the same on your journey.

  11. You've done so well this year and you have lots of books to your name already! It seems to me that you are on a roll :)

    Bring on 2014!

  12. You've had a terrific year, Joy! Wishing you an even more productive year in 2014!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  13. I do believe you can pat yourself on the back! You've accomplished A LOT! (I like your holiday header by the way. )

  14. Thanks, guys. I hope I can continue to be productive without running myself into the ground!

    Thanks, Bish, can you tell I like changing stuff around? :D

  15. Joy, you make me feel like anything is possible. You are a wonder!

    1. It is, Emily. Sure didn't feel like all of that stuff was getting done. :)

  16. Joy, I take my hat off to you (and I am wearing a hat over here in Paris!) with the number of books you have published. I just bought your latest. You inspire me.

  17. Hi, Denise,
    Thanks for your encouragement and support! They are deeply appreciated.

  18. Joy, I love how much you accomplish. Honestly, you're an inspiration to me. I just added Anya's Wish to my TBR list on Goodreads. I need to get reading more of your books. You're so very talented.

    1. Thanks for the add and your kind words, Susan.Like I said over at Fb in different words, between us it's a mutual admiration society. :D


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