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Friday, May 31, 2013

D.L. Hammons and Elise Falson are hosting this blogfest designed to highlight each writer’s [W]ork [I]n [P]rogress. Thanks guys! You're both sources of encouragement and support in the community.

Currently, I’m in YA mode, so here goes.

WIP Title: Saving Sam

Word Count: (current and projected): currently 47118, which will probably top out at 48,000.

Genre: Every so often I have an eyeopener. This book doesn't fit into a genre. Best I can come up is Contemporary MG Fiction.

How long you've been working on the manuscript: Hard to say since my efforts are spasmodic, but most of it was written between 2008 & 2009. 

Elevator pitch line: Samuel Simms loses his parents in a domestic dispute and goes into state care.  He is placed in a foster home where he is sexually abused and must fight to overcome his abuser.

Brief synopsis (250 words or less): After losing both parents in a domestic dispute, eleven-year-old Samuel Simms becomes a ward of the Jamaican government. His siblings are adopted, but he’s left behind in a children’s home longing for a family of his own.

Angry and disillusioned, Sam becomes a source of disruption. Faced with unrelenting pressure, he reveals what happened while he was placed with foster parents. With his secret exposed, Sam has to choose a path for his future. He can continue to accept what his abuser wants him to believe about himself or find the courage to stop a sexual predator from harming other boys.

Are you looking for a CP? Yes, for the women's fiction novel I'm supposed to be writing now.

Are you looking for a Beta? Yes, the more, the merrier. 

Cover Art: I mess around with this stuff when I want to avoid editing or writing. The one below is my favourite of the ones I've made so far for this book. I plan to share the other covers next week. :)

Have fun and visit the other WiPers here

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. The cover is lovely and touching. It's great that you've dusted off an old manuscript and sexual abuse of young boys isn't discussed enough in Jamaica. I think this book is a great idea and very engaging. Best of luck J.L.

  2. Wow, that's going to be an emotional read. And you are almost finished!

  3. Heck... that's going to be a difficult subject to tackle sensitively. I worked with kids in this position years ago. I often thought of writing about it, but it's too difficult. MAybe in a few years.

    Shah X


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  5. What a powerful read already and that was just the synopsis! The cover too is full of emotion. Good luck finishing this up Joy, looks like you're almost there. I wish I could be as prolific with my writing as you are. (:

  6. Sheena, that's true. Some of this stuff we don't talk about at all.

    Alex, I can't wait to wrap this up.

    Shah, yes, it's important to handle this subject matter deftly, but without losing the emotional impact.

    Thanks, Elise. I've had time on my side. I was writing TONS when there wasn't any hint of a publisher in sight. Wish I was as good with editing in a timely manner.

  7. This is an intense read. Child abuse is a serious issue, though, that needs to be talked about more and more so action can be taken to prevent it from occurring at all. Good for you for bringing awareness to such a sensitive and important issue.

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  8. Wow, sounds like a really interesting and complex story. I'll email you about CP, stuff.

  9. Laura,
    We've had a spate of child killings this week in separate incidents on the island. It's enough to make you sick when you think about it.

    Sydney, it is, but I've tried not to make it maudlin.

  10. I love the beautiful cover and the premise sounds like it'll yank on some heartstrings. Good luck with it!

  11. Sounds like a really sad story and yet with uplifting moments. I would read it, even if it is really difficult to think about kids being abused :(

  12. J.L., you and I are writing on a similar theme! I have an abused foster child, too, but he MC is her foster/adoptive mother. ; )

  13. Sounds like a powerful story, Joy. Good luck!

  14. Thanks, Cathy. I like the cover too.

    Trisha, the turnaround at the end of stories like these makes it worth the emotional upheaval of writing them.

    Zan Marie, good luck with yours.

    Thanks, Carol! Enjoy the weekend.

  15. What a compelling premise. Gives me shudders because it's very pertinent.

  16. Less than 1000 words to go! Go Joy. That is a very brave topic to tackle, but I just know you would do a great job with it.

  17. Donna, yes, it's a challenging subject to tackle and regrettably, we've seen an increase in child abuse cases on the island.

    Nick, yes, I'm almost there. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  18. That;s a great cover!
    Now I just want to give Sam a hug :-)


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