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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Today I’m getting my feet wet in the IWSG world. I’ve resisted for ages ‘cause I’m lazy about participating in blogfests and such, but who doesn’t need community support? So here goes.

I’ve been published traditionally and I’ve also taken the self-publishing route. I’ve found there’s nothing quite like publishing to make me feel a little, okay a lot insecure. The same questions come up when each book nears its publication date. Will anybody like my story and really get it? Will someone come along and say ‘Ugly baby!’ and then trash the nursling I’ve sweated and agonized over for years? Will anybody even buy what I’m selling?

The insecurity lies in wait, threatening to take over my every thought, but you know what? Once a book is in the public domain, there’s no going back. The reality is that some like coffee and some like tea. Rare is the occasion when a writer will unpublish a book. If it’s riddled with errors, I understand, but bearing that fact in mind, I’ll plod onward—insecurities and all—showing my baby to anyone who cares to look.  

What aspect of writing makes you insecure?

See the list of writers participating here.

On another note, my protégé (MC in my last novel) and I will running a giveaway during Child Month. Did you forget? Yes, May is Child Month. One of our local agencies, the National Child Month Committee (NCMC), will be encouraging 31 Days of Love and we’ll be following their progress over at the KidLIt Blog. My MC and I will have two giveaways going on in May, so when you're done here hop on over and check out Christine's Gift to You.


  1. Once it's out there, not much you can do to change things. (Unless you and your publisher go back and make changes.) Can only go forward and continue to believe in what you wrote.
    Welcome to the IWSG!

  2. Thanks, Alex. Believing in our stories is a strong starting point.

  3. I'm always amazed when I read about accomplished writers (such as yourself), who suffer insecurities. At the end of the day, you are also human.
    Welcome to the IWSG, Joy.

    Writer In Transit

  4. Thanks, Michelle.

    When you have the first contract in your hand you can't believe someone bought your story (even though you know it's good) and even now, I'm blown away when people say how they feel about my characters and stories.

  5. Hi, JL, yep, once its out there we cannot change a thing. We just have to wait and watch to see whether the readers like our book/s or not. If we don't fret about the reviews we should be fine.

    Rachna Chhabria
    Co-host IWSG
    Rachna's Scriptorium

  6. Rachna,

    Thanks. That's the way it is with publishing. We can only hope we find people who love what we do.

  7. Your books are on my to-read list and I can't wait so be confident in that!

  8. Although I haven't got anything published (yet) I can understand how it must make you feel. All excited and insecure rolled into one! Best of luck.

  9. Getting published is stressful. I've only had two books, but I doubt it will get any less scary. I'll always be sitting on the edge of my seat, terrified no one will like my stories. Worth it thought to meet someone who loves the story. =)

  10. Hi Joy,

    I'm letting you know that my reviewer group has been discussing your writing. They said they loved your writing and it is whole lot better than some of the multi published out there.

    So you are good, really good. You have to keep faith!

    All the best!


  11. Hey Joy, I didn't think you had a secure bone in your body. Welcome to IWSG - it's great. I didn't know there was a Child month - I thought it was Child Day every day, lol! Hope all is great with you!

  12. OH this is your first foray with us? Interesting. I'd always assumed you were part of the IWSG.

  13. Welcome to IWSG. I remember my first time doing this, don't worry it's worth joining this meme. I know someone who unpublished her e-book. I was sad because while it needed some improvement, it was still a very good story. No matter how good or bad my book is, I hope to never unpublished unless there are serious issues a new edition can't fix.

    Child month is here. No kids myself but doesn't change the fact that children are precious.

  14. I needed to read this post today. Thanks so much for your wise words J.L Campbell!

  15. Thanks, Julie. Hope you enjoy when you get there.

    Thanks, Suzanne. It's exactly like that.

    Patricia, so true. It makes me smile when a reader understands all of what I meant to convey.

    Nas, thanks so much for your kind words. It's always nice to be validated.

    Thanks, Denise. I think I'll be totally secure when I get to being a Nora Roberts. :)

    Mike, nope. First time. Too lazy and crazy-busy.

    Sheena, in extreme cases, people do unpublished. I hope I never have to do that. Got to be sure I tell my precious that I love him today according to the Child Month formula.

  16. Hi, Julia,
    Glad this helped you. Coming over to check on your post in a bit.

  17. Joy, it's the same worry we all have. I only have one book out and I wonder if it gets any easier? And yeah, what if no one likes it?! But you have the right frame of mind -just keep moving forward.

  18. There's no going back! Remember your readers are either "coffee" or "tea" -- nothing personal!

  19. It must be terrifying when a book comes out, and you worry if anyone will buy it, and then you'll wonder if it's your fault because you didn't do enough. Kind of like querying, I think the best way to avoid a nervous breakdown is to be working on a new "baby."
    Good luck! :-)

  20. I've often thought I should be entitled to a metaphorical rod and reel, so If something wasn't quite right, I could haul that book back for another edit. :-)

  21. Are you reading my mind? There are things in my first and second book that I wish was better, but after much agonizing...I decided life moves forward. As I read your post I figured I must be right, cause you agree!

  22. Gwen, I have several books that still need editing as I wrote them while trying to occupy myself while waiting to hear from publishers. We do have to keep moving on and staying focused on something other than worrying.

    True, Tara. That's how it works.

    Lexa, yes, as I said to Gwen above, I have books that still need editing because I wrote while I waited. Now if I only I'd start editing.

    Lee, you can always make me smile. When you know how to format yourself all of that becomes possible. :)

    Elizabeth, the perfectionist is us would keep us walking the same path forever, but give up we must and move forward. Half the time, only the writer sees that one little thing that's off anyway.

  23. Great post...I totally have the "ugly baby" fears!

  24. Hope you get over that, Colleen. :)


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