Uncharted Waters & Unswerving Perseverance

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U has been a challenging word to fit into my theme for the challenge, so I figured I’d have a little bit of fun with it.

Having released your baby into what can feel like uncharted waters, it’s up to you to unify your efforts around not having it shoot through the blogosphere like a UFO and then crash into obscurity.

Every book produced might feel like your ultimate achievement, however, I’ve learned there is always room for improvement.

A blog tour is but a start on the road to promoting your book. It isn’t every writer’s destiny to be a best-seller, but while on the publication journey, try to stay undaunted by all the hats you have to wear and keep believing that nothing is unattainable if you work at it unceasingly.

If I believe in anything it is that unswerving perseverance is the key to success.


  1. That first book is indeed just the beginning!

  2. U did great at working U into the post today. And I agree, unswerving perseverance is a must.

  3. Thanks, guys. You two have been a blast of energy on the Challenge.

  4. Ne undaunted by failure. U is definitely filled with great advice and encouragement.

  5. unswerving is a good word for any writer to know.

  6. It is the beginning, because you want to keep promoting your books for years.

  7. Great U post. I like the term "unswerving perseverance."

  8. Unswerving perseverance, oh yes. Very good post.


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