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Sunday, April 14, 2013

So you’re on your way with the tour or maybe you’ve finished and you’re wondering what’s next on the agenda. Many of us, myself included, will breathe a sigh of relief over having gone through ten plus stops without a nervous breakdown. But then disquiet sneaks up and you know that there’s more to be done.

You realize the end of a book tour doesn’t mean your promotional thrust is over. Having made new connections (linkages) along the way, putting yourself in position to leverage these links is important. By definition, leverage is the power or ability to act or to influence people, events and decisions.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with resting on your laurels for a few days thinking about the next step for your new baby. In fact, I believes it’s good to insert a tiny bit of space between promotional efforts so as to be able to clearly identify the activities that help your book sales.

While you do that, you can also get busy figuring out which bloggers you’ve met on the tour, who may be willing to do a review of your book or there might be a blogger who loved your book and is linked with an internet crochet group. That person, if you ask nicely, might consider sharing your cozy mystery (in which a crochet expert gets knocked off) on the group Facebook page that has over 300k likes. Huge reach, huh?

I think you get the idea. The important thing here is to assess each and every useful link and see how they can benefit your book during the next promotional go round.


  1. All good information and advice.

    All the best, Joy!

  2. Best wishes for all your promotion efforts J.L, and thanks for the tips.

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  4. Besides, if you take a break, it's easy to go into burnout without something more propelling you. Going into hibernation to work on another book without solidifying the new contacts and continuing to expand your horizons grinds the promotions to a halt.

  5. Crikey, it just doesn't end, does it?

  6. So much to do, but I'm glad you're keeping us informed.

    Visiting from the A to Z: http://elizabethwatgibson.wordpress.com

  7. It certainly is a lot of work promoting! You do it very well Joy.

  8. Find fans and reviewers wherever they may be. Resting your laurels to come up with more ideas isn't so sad. Promotion is a lot of work and finding great links is never a bad thing.

  9. Oh what you call "linkage" I call networking with the big folks.

  10. Nas & Ida, thanks.

    True that, Alex.

    Michelle, yes, it can be overwhelming it you think about it too much.

    Elizabeth, glad to help.

    Charmaine, thanks. I've a whole bunch more to learn.

    Sheena, so true. We do need a little down time to stir our creative juices for the next round of promos.

    Hey, Mike. Yup, tomayto and tomahto.

    Back later!


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