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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I know you have to be wondering where I’m going with the subject of negativity. It might come as a fleeting thought, but accept that some form of negativity will make an appearance if you’re not a writer with a crowd of enthusiasts waiting for your book to hit the market.  

With self-publishing comes the gift of knowing exactly what your sales are at any hour of the day or night. This is both a blessing and curse. For me, it was a wonderful change, since I had no way of knowing what the sales figures were for the three books published before I took the plunge into self-publishing. However, the down side is that checking numbers can become addictive and then depressing if the sales figures are not what you’d like to see.

Knowing sales figures during the tour is fine in terms of the day-to-day record keeping you’ll be doing, however, bear in mind that it shouldn’t creep into obsessive-compulsive territory. The figures will be there on your Amazon dashboard whenever you care to look at them.

Don’t get into the doldrums if sales aren’t brisk. I saw few sales during the Distraction tour; however, I had a sharp uptick afterward. I’m not sure if people were waiting until the end of the giveaway to see whether they’d win a copy. The fact is that after the book tour, you’re free to try other marketing/promotional methods that may yield better results.   

Don’t get depressed over a lack of comments. In some cases, this isn’t a good indicator of whether people are seeing your post. As I mentioned before, I get hundreds of visits to the Jamaican Kid Lit blog everyday and very few comments. Hold on to the thought that any publicity your book receives is good exposure.

Don’t give in to negative thought patterns. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, even in writing a novel, I ask why I’m torturing myself over a book nobody asked me to write. I also ask why I believe I’m good enough to craft a story that people will love. We’re human, so these thoughts will come at one point or another. The key is to remember why you write and the hurdles (which might have seemed insurmountable) you’ve already crossed to arrive at the point where you have a book to take on tour.

Don’t lose your focus while gazing at other people’s successes. That’s a sure recipe for wandering off the path you’ve plotted for yourself. You’ve gotten to a point not many people have reached. In terms of local writers, I don’t personally know more than one or two who’ve been published or published full works. Congratulate yourself on your achievements, the impact of your tour, and keep moving. Your day in the sun will come.

I leave you with the thought that publishing, and all that goes with it, is not a sprint, but a marathon. Unless you’re willing to put down upwards of a thousand dollars for a media blitz, I don’t believe a book on tour will shoot into the stratosphere in terms of popularity. If you take a sampling of some of the popular books on Amazon, you’ll see there’s a time lag between when they were published and when they became best-sellers. Go slow and steady, build on your tour activity and stay focused. 

  • Don’t get into the doldrums if sales aren’t brisk.
  • Don’t get depressed over a lack of comments.
  • Don’t give in to negative thought patterns.
  • Don’t lose your focus gazing at other people’s successes.
  • Don’t think sprint. Think marathon.


  1. It is a marathon. Don't think that the things you are continuing to do aren't working. My first book didn't hit the Amazon best seller chart until almost eleven months after its release. What if I'd just faded away and quit?

  2. Gotta stick by your work and do your best. No room for negativity.

  3. I like your take on this...keeping things upbeat will definitely help you in the long run :)

  4. It definitely can take awhile for some books to find their readership. But that's the great thing about ebooks and the like. They have a long tail, so to speak.

  5. Rome wasn't built in a day...
    That just popped into my head (I know it's cliched...) but true!
    I always say that there are NO get-rich-quick-schemes and such things... and this goes hand-in-hand with what you mentioned above.
    And you can't lump the winning of the lottery in the same category... or an inheritance of millions waiting to be handed over... and now I'm slightly off the topic anyway...and I don't take the lottery anyway... LOL

    Writer In Transit

  6. I agree that it's best not to compare yourself to others because the grass will always appear greener if you look elsewhere.

  7. Alex, so glad you shared that, so those who read this can remember that they know someone who experienced just that. If you’d given up, you never would have been able to enjoy your success.

    Lee, true that. I beat back negativity with a stick when it comes calling. :)

    Mark, I’ve learned that if I don’t believe in my work and stick by it, no one else will either.

    Cherie, that’s what I love about eBooks too . No sweeping them off the shelves after a few months. They’re there for eternity and readers can eventually find them.

    Michelle, true that. You’ve left me with a smile, taking off down the lottery trail, but yes, success will take a while to happen. I like to think about building on small successes and as they say, there’s really no overnight success. We just hear about this or that thing one day, totally unaware of how long the person who owns it struggled with it and maybe thought about giving up.

    Moody, thanks for stopping in.

    Cynthia, so true and the fact is, we all have our special talents and qualities that make us unique.

    I agree with you there, Sheena. I enjoy any journey lots more if I decide I’m going to adopt a good attitude.

  8. Excellent post Joy.

    ". . . why I’m torturing myself over a book nobody asked me to write." I ask myself this question all the time. ugggggg.

  9. Great tips!

    I've found the same thing to be true with comments. I've gotten disproportionately large view counts, if you compare the number to comments.

  10. Great advice! I think a lot of it applies to blogging too. Why do I tortue myself over a blog no one asked me to create? Because I enjoy writing, and I guess that has to be the foundation for all our writing endeavours. We have to do it for ourselves before anything else.

    I haven't yet ventured into Amazon publishing, but that's where I'm heading, having had my book professionally edited. I'm just waiting for illustrations. (It's a children's book.) I guess I am going to find out all about the temptation to look at stats and worry about success.

    It was so lovely to see your comment on my blog. Thank you for following me! I look forward to finding out more about your writing and books.

  11. Elise, keep going. It has paid off for me and I ask myself the same thing with every book written. :)

    TGE, sometimes I wonder exactly what people are looking for and if they've found it. I suspect in your case, it might be that they can't find anything to say. I know in my case, scientific information boggles my mind. :)

    Thanks for stopping in, Ciara.

    MP, that's for sure.

    So true, Sue. The love for the craft keeps us going even when we want to quit.

    I look forward to seeing what else you have going on at your place too. Have fun!

  12. Exactly what I needed to read today! Thank you. :)

  13. I've got a friend who's going through that addiction of checking numbers right now. With fewer than seven weeks before my book comes out, I've already decided I'm not going to look. Now all I have to do is stick to it. lol

  14. My first thought as I began reading your post was about negativity in writing. I participated in an online writing group where one of the members submitted work that consistently had a negative voice. Eventually, it led to the dissolution of the group. I think negativity can be a powerful force! Just stopping by for the A-Z Challenge. Please check us out and sign up to follow if you like what you see. Juliet atCity Muse Country Muse

  15. I suspect a lot of what you write about blog tours can also be applied on pretty much any project: I can think of things I'm working on at the moment where all you said-----not getting discouraged over lack of immediate result, not giving in to negativity, not comparing with other's successes------is spot-on.

    Also, I love how you take the time to expand on every aspect of blog tours and stay encouraging all along!


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