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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You’ve come to the zenith of your book tour—which is the culmination or highest point—and you’re pleased with the results and that the tour is over. You’ve done mop-up operations and you’re seeing continuing sales on your book.

Your job is complete, right?


This is where the work really starts. After you’ve had that tiny vacay you no doubt deserve, it’s time to get back in the saddle and do double duty. As we say around here, you have to learn to ride and whistle. In short, while you’re writing or editing that next book, the job of promoting the current one continues.

I’ve always known that as much as I think I’m doing, I should be doing more. I tend to start with one promotional effort and lose steam when I should be adding follow-up steps. Of course, that could be because I’m always editing something. However, this is where balance comes in. Low visibility equals low sales, which calls for time management and a marketing plan.

Having hit a high point with your book, you should have already started planning how you’re going to keep that book in view of potential readers. You already know the answer to this question—continued promotion. Many writers take this into account before starting a tour and have a line-up of ideas to work with. Those are forward planners and you want to be counted in that group of people who build on their successes. You know, building on that zenith we talked about earlier.

In the last week, I’ve come across an excellent read by Jeff Bennington. The book offers all sorts of useful information to indie writers. His chapter on layering promotional efforts makes a lot of sense. Do yourself a favour and download a sample and see if you like the book enough to spend on it.

So my fellow A-Zers, we’ve come to the end of the Challenge. I hope you’ve learned at least one new thing from reading these posts on blog tours. I know I’ve learned a lot on my stops at your blogs.

Many thanks to Arlee Bird and his team for conceptualizing and organizing this wonderful month-long blog fest

It’s been a ball.


  1. It's been a fun Challenge!
    I see authors do that all the time - they reach the end of the tour and then they go hide for a month or two while working on the next book. It's difficult to juggle it all, but if you lose steam and don't keep promoting, you crash. Or rather, your book crashes.

  2. Great job this month, J.L. You have a nice little publication of tips you've put together.

  3. True that, Alex. I now have to turn my attention to things that need doing in that direction.

    Thanks, Mike. You too. You did a fabulous job with your posts.

    Thanks Lee. It's the doing of it that will be challenging.

  4. This was a great series. Congratulations on making it to the end.

  5. Thanks, Cheryl. I enjoyed putting it together. Mostly. :)

  6. Great suggestions on promotion, I'll have to check out that book.

    Congrats on finishing!

  7. congrats on finishing the A-Z. And you're right, joy--a writer's work is never done!

  8. *sigh* Guilty as charged. I rarely ever promote. Well, the A-Z was sort of a promotion since I had my MC hosting, but I could be better.

    Congrats on finishing the A-Z, Joy! I enjoyed your posts :)

  9. Nutschell, yes, that is so. :)

    Gwen, boy do I know what you mean. The promo side of things demands some consistency and I know I can do better too. Congrats to you too on finishing the A-Z.

  10. Awesome. In a publishing class I just finished, the instructor suggested you do at least one thing a day for promotion. He said if you did that, you were head and shoulders above the competition. Crazy, right?

  11. The Zenith isn't the end but a peak we can bask in for a little while before getting back to work. Great post and congrats on making it through A-Z.

  12. I enjoyed reading this series, Joy!

    Congrats on finishing to the Z and well done!


  13. Book publishing is so different now. Before self-publishing became so popular, the publishing houses took care of the publicity (primarily) for a book. Of course, some authors still got involved in publicizing their book to a degree. But, there was a department for that job. If you self publish, you are all of the departments, and that is daunting. Many writers only feel comfortable writing. Marketing and publicity are foreign territory that they get lost in.

  14. Crystal, your teacher is a smart guy. I don't always remember to do stuff everyday. Even the automated tasks slip beyond me.

    True, Sheena. No extended basking while there's work to be done.

    Thanks, Nas. Glad I finished too.

    Robin, I've had to learn through crash courses. My first three books were with small publishers and it was way late in the game when I realized I was expected to get the word out. My second publisher was very helpful.

  15. I'll check out the link.

    Yay, you finished the challenge.

  16. I had the opportunity to scan the last few posts... great stuff!
    Congratulations on crossing the A to Z finishing line...

    One question.
    Can I hire you as my blog tour operator? LOL

    Writer In Transit

  17. Losing momentum is something I see all the time. Promoting a book isn't a sprint. It's a long term commitment.

  18. Yes, Medeia, glad I finished.

    Michelle, I plan to put these together in a book, which I'll give away, so I'll make sure to send you the link. :D

    Diane, I've discovered that, so I'm plodding along.


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