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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Among its other meanings, X is usually an unknown factor or unspecified object or person. In terms of your blog tour, X represents all of the elements that were unknown factors before you began the tour, but that you’ve now become acquainted with and made note of in planning for the future.

If you take a few minutes to contemplate what you’ve learned after your tour, you’ll realize how far you’ve come since the first steps you took as a published writer.

The brand name Xerox specifies a ‘xerographic copying process’ (in our case without static electricity), but in simple terms it means to copy. In the case of your blog tour, I’m going to use the word replicate to describe what you may or will do with your books in the future in terms of promotion. Of course, you’ll be building on what you learn each time to come away with something a bit better than simply duplicating the last book tour.

And of course, there are the eXtras – all the peripheral stuff you did in support of your tour. You know, things like getting a group of your writing friends to do a coordinated blast across the Twitterverse with news of your book.

Did I miss any X factors? Fill me in.

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  1. Xerox!
    I instantly thought of the "dittos" we got in school and how good they would smell!
    Thanks for the flashback.
    Visiting from A to Z:

  2. After two tours, I know what not to do for the third.

  3. True that!

    Thanks for visiting. At a funeral today. Will check in later.

  4. Lets head into the unknown. Nice X post.

  5. For some reason, the thought of a blog tour makes me nervous.
    Congrats on doing so well in the A-Z Challenge! :-)

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  7. Thanks, Lexa. It does take some doing, but I know it's not beyond you to get it organized. Worst case, pay someone to help you organize it or hire a tour organizer

  8. Could be just the sort of mind I have but I always thought the X factor referred to sexuality. LOL. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. I was wondering what you would come up for your X post and wasn't disappointed! Good job Joy!

  10. Thanks, Bish.

    Maria, I guess that's because X carries a certain mystique. ;)

    Nas, thanks. Some letters are more than a challenge.

  11. I think we should start spelling extras as xtras. I'm for simplifying this spelling of ours! I like your use of replicate here. :-)

  12. I'm still just trying to find the X-Factor of my blog. Oh, and I almost used xerox for my post today! I love that word. The fact that it begins and ends with an X makes it one of the coolest words in existence, in my opinion. :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:


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