Blog Tours from A-Z - Wrap Up

Friday, April 26, 2013

Your tour is over and other than dealing with giveaways you might have hosted during the period, there are mop-up operations remaining. Here are my important list of things to do after the tour.

Choose winners – I used to favour, but Rafflecopter makes the job much easier. The programme also gives me the name and email address on the widget for me to make contact, and also shows the winners in the order their names came up. Make things easier by linking everything to your social media sites as much as possible, so people can catch the results even if they don’t visit your site.

Contact winners – It’s good to include some condition for winners, as in, something to indicate that after 48 hours another winner will be chosen. I’ve been very lax with my last giveaway and still have yet to pick two winners because the last person still hasn’t responded after several nudges. I also ended up buying an additional prize because one prize-winner had already read one of each pair of books that were left for her to choose from. I haven’t picked the extra winner yet. Bad organizer!

Try not to leave loose threads hanging. They haunt you, which has been my experience as I’ve been strapped for time this month. The faster you contact winners and arrange for delivery of the prizes the easier you’ll rest.

Give thanks – Although you would have left a comment expressing your thanks to each blog host on a specific post, it’s nice to drop a note afterward to say thanks. We all appreciate this personal touch.

Write a Wrap up Post – If you blog, this will come naturally to you. I planned to do this after the Distraction tour, but didn’t. I thought the information would be helpful enough to put together like this and so when I signed up for the Blogging from A-Z Challenge the light bulb went on.

Rest & Reflection – Once all your loose ends are knotted, it’s time to think about all you’ve learned on tour. If you used a blog tour outfit, you will want to say thanks for the service and have a post mortem. If you were dissatisfied with things that did and didn’t happen, you can gently state what didn’t work for you, which will help the tour organizer make adjustments—that’s if they agree with your analysis.

If you did the tour yourself, you have a host of things to think about. Did you get what you expected from doing it? Can you do a better job next time? Will you opt to DIY next time around or will you hire someone to do the job? If you have time constraints, paying someone else is an option to think about.  

Come what may, at this time you deserve a break, but we’re not quite at Z yet. Tell me, is there anything I missed in the wrap-up?
In a Nutshell

Choose winners
Contact winners
Give thanks
Write a Wrap up Post
Rest & Reflection


  1. Giving thanks is so important. All it takes is a quick email and yet so many forget.

  2. Contacting winners can be really hard. Some of them never respond.

  3. I lost a book this month but it was because the winning email never reached me. It wasn't so bad since I recently bought it for my kindle but organizers should ensure that their email provider has a warning feature in case an email doesn't arrive.

    Wrapping up is nice but ensuring things turn out well is even better.

  4. Those wrap up posts are really important. They name the winners and repeat the prizes as well as give you a chance to thank others who entered, but didn't win. It's a way to be polite.

    I've enjoyed your AtoZ posts.

  5. Oh wow, I've been missing your blog tour series. These tips are so helpful!

  6. Excellent tips--and right on the money. I especially like the "reflect" part--analyzing what worked, what didn't, and how to improve next time.

  7. Wow, this is the first time I'm reading your blog. My blog is brand new (I started it Apr 1), so I will definitely look back through all your posts and see what I've missed! Thanks!

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  8. I agree that giving thanks is so important. I went back and read a bunch of your posts. Excellent theme!

  9. More good stuff. I've done two tours, and I still learned :)

  10. Thanks so much to all of you for commenting. I have a lot going on right now as in life and work catching up with me. For those I haven't visited yet, I'll be there in a bit. Look out for me.

  11. This is a great post, and I'm going to revisit the ones from the past month, so that I'm smarter about blog tours.

    I'm hiring someone to organize mine. That way the blog tour will reach beyond the boundaries of my blogging circle, which is comprised mostly of writers. And most don't read my genre.

  12. Stina, it's wise to weigh options the way you've done. It's challenging to reach the right audience when we're speaking to the same crowd all the time.

    Sorry that happened to you, Jo. I've been lucky in that I've collected the stuff I won. Only thing that went awry was a book I was sent for a review. Not sure what happened there.

  13. Great list.

    I'd like to try out Rafflecopter.

  14. Nope... I think you have everything in your list. Now to get them all done... ;-)

  15. Thanks for a fun month and congratulations on making it all the way.

  16. These posts of yours will be a great reference source!

  17. Medeia, it does make things a LOT easier.

    Misha, yup, getting everything done is a challenge.

    Carolyn, same to you.

    Bish, I'm glad they're of help.


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