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Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Monday to you all!

I’ve got great news.

Two additional books are on the list for Christine’s kick off on March 27, 2012. Molly Ringle writes books than can be classified as Upper YA, which brings something new to the novels that will be up for grabs. I’ve read both books and enjoyed them immensely. My review of Relatively Honest is here.

Relatively Honest - Shocking. Disgusting. Deceitful. That's how some might have described Daniel Revelstoke's behavior even before he fell in love with his first cousin. 

Previously a don't-tie-me-down Don-Juan type, Daniel doesn't know Julie is his long-lost cousin when he meets her and starts trying to lure her away from her long-distance boyfriend. And by the time his mum drops the family-relation bombshell in his lap, he already loves Julie and it's too late to switch off his feelings. But dishonest habits die hard. He reckons if he can keep Julie from finding out they're related--just a little longer--he runs a better chance of winning her over. He's never loved anyone before, and if she's the one, she's worth a little deceit. Love can do dangerous things to your head. And worse things to your family.

What Scotland Taught Me - Fresh out of high school, four best friends from small-town Oregon (three girls and a guy) jet off to Edinburgh, where they plan to enjoy one grand, final adventure together before parting ways for college. But their six-month work-abroad journey takes unexpected turns. 

One unearths a disturbing piece of family history, complete with ghostly visitations. Another enters into a complicated friendship with a Scottish bartender. And all of them fall in love--sometimes with the wrong people, and always with nasty consequences.

Today, one of my characters is spending time with Carol Kilgore, Under the Tiki Hut. If you’ve got a minute, hop on over to see what she has to say. While you’re there, you could win a copy of Distraction & Retribution.

Many thanks to my blogging buddies who’ve signed up to send Christine into the world. Of course, I’m not about to let you go without a reminder that Christine and I have lots more room for those who can help by posting an announcement on March 27. See the Inlinkz list below.  The main post regarding the launch and book listing is here

And last, but by no means least, today Writers4 Writers is spotlighting Kyra Lennon and Angela Brown. The aim is to help these ladies promote their books by tweeting their links. Stop in with both ladies and do your part.

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