Charting an Indie Path as a Writer

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Being the second Wednesday of the month, I’m joining the Indelibles in talking about the Indie life. One thing is certain. Since I joined the Indie ranks, I’ve been much busier. If you’re on the road to Independence publishing, you’ll understand that along the joy of having total control of your work, there’s the everyday stuff that needs to be done. The usual writing, editing, plus the promo side which can take a HUGE chunk of time.  

I’m always amazed by the blogging/writing community who make this a remarkable journey. With each book I’ve published since going solo, I’ve received more help. My latest effort is a YA novel I’ve been sitting on for eight years. I asked for help with making the kick-off something special and got resounding yeses from other YA writers. I also asked people to help with the announcement at the end of the month and they also said yes.

The support of others means much when you start getting panic attacks, thinking you’ll be floundering on your own in a sea of writers promoting their books.

Would I go back to a traditional publisher after having taken that route three times? The offer would have to be something really special since I’ve tasted the freedom that comes with being able to chart my own path and need I mention the monthly cheques with my name on them? 

Would I encourage other writers to self-publish? Certainly, but after learning the craft of writing thoroughly and studying the ins and outs of what it takes to be self-published.  Which road are you on?

Since I have you here, I’m obligated to tell you about my book and inveigle you to sign up on the Inlinkz list to help with the announcement, if you’re so inclined. Thanks for visiting! Check out the other writers in this hop here and see the Pick Your Pack Sampler for the launch here or just check out the post below.


  1. This community rocks for that very reason!
    All signed up to help you spread the word.

  2. All the best to you, Joy! I admire the intelligence and planning you are giving this.

  3. Congrats! Signed up my other blog to help spread the word.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    Found you thru Indie Life.

  4. Alex, Julie & Shelly,
    Thanks so much. for dropping in and helping with this. Will drop in on you guys later. Off to a meeting .

  5. For me I plan to try both roads to publishing. Glad you enjoy your self-pub freedom J.L.

  6. Congrats, Joy. :)

  7. I love the freedom of being indie!

    Good luck with your latest project.

  8. I'm happy with the freedom and control of my own destiny. It seems to be working out, so far!

  9. Thanks for dropping in, guys. I've been dropping in on you.

  10. Yes, study the publishing industry well before taking the leap. So many ways to do it wrong.

  11. Good luck with your latest project. And yes, you covered some good points for writer's deciding on going the Indie way.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I find it so encouraging that people consider Indie pubbing as liberating, rather than exiling (is that a word, LOL!). I love seeing people take the reins of their own journey. YaY!!!

    I like how you say a trad pubbing deal needs to be a good one for you to consider taking it. This is becoming a trend...a nice trend, IMHO.

  13. Yes, definitely busier. Since I decided to indie publish I feel like I'm working another full time job in addition to my day job!

    I decided to go indie instead of traditional because I liked the idea of being able to write whatever strange things I wanted without fussing too much about what someone else thinks will sell. I'll see how it ends up working out. Hopefully not too disastrously?

  14. Ladies,

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. The indie journey is an interesting and varied one.
    Jennifer, indie works well for those of us whose stories sometimes fall outside of the regular formulaic stories.

  15. Always happy to help spread the word and wishing you the best! ;)

  16. I haven't had a taste of traditional publishing, so I don't know if I'd say yes or no if I had the chance, but I do know that I'm really enjoying the control I have over my writing as an indie author :)

  17. I'm definitely considering self publishing now. Especially after IndieRecon!

  18. I can really relate to this post because I'm on this indie roadtrip, too. And it's definitely busy!

    I'll tweet and fb your book :)

    Happy Weekend!


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