Australia & Austria in One Flight!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Friendship-is-Forever world tour is winding down at the end of this week, but my characters are globetrotting with a vengeance. A month is a long stint for a book tour, but at the same time, I am amazed at how quickly the time has gone. And speaking of time, I’m reminded of wrinkles, but before I depress myself any further, let’s get on with the business at hand. 

Denise Covey - L'Aussie Writer
Liz Grace Davis
I’m doing interviews with Denise Covey in Australia and Liz Grace Davis in Austria. How amazing is that? I wonder what the time difference is between both countries. Anybody knows?

Denise has asked some thought-provoking questions about friendship, fidelity and relationships, while I share with Grace how I got my stories written and why I don’t suffer from writer’s block. 

Click on the pictures to visit the ladies.

Winging my way over!


  1. I think that after your blog tour, you should write a post about what you learned in this huge tour. Was it difficult? Did you think it was effective? I'm curious, because this is the longest running book tour I've ever seen.

    1. Hi, Mike,
      I've seen month-long trips before, but with days running back to back. Now that's exhausting! I'll be writing more than a blog post when I'm done. :D

    2. I'm looking forward to your future posts about your blog tour. What you've learned, what mistakes you've made, and what you would do differently.

      I guess I'm asking for too much.

      Should I do a tour to coincide with my launch or after?

    3. Hey, Peaches,
      I will be writing LOTS about this tour. :)
      Definitely learned heaps and glad I did it myself.
      Nothing wrong with doing yours with your launch, especially since yours will be significant. I'd say go for it if you're prepared in time. I waited a while before I did mine, but I think it's good to start things off with a bang. I have no problems whatsoever sharing what I've learned along the way. Matter of fact, you might have to tell me to shut up. :D

  2. Awesome and yay for blog tours! I'll go check them out.

  3. I'll follow you to Australia and Austria.

  4. You're an inspiration, JL! Your blog tour is still going strong. :)

  5. I'm just catching up on your blog tour and I'm so impressed by it! Awesome job and what a great theme.

  6. Thanks so much for dropping in, guys. Since I didn't do much of anything when the book came out, I figured I'd better do something to make the novel visible. The friendship theme worked very well for this story.

  7. I'll check it out.

    It's been a great blog tour.

  8. I'm late!!! ... and I'm visiting two opposite ends of the globe... phew! Talk about virtual jet-lag...


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