Shinehead, Shervington & Spanish Town

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shinehead (E. Carl Aiken) is a vocalist of Jamaican parentage whose music spans reggae and hip hop. His first album was produced in 1986. He signed with Elektra in 1988, and has since produced five albums. His Jamaican in New York peaked at 30 in the UK Singles Chart. Strive was very popular in Jamaica.

Shinehead is one of the first reggae artists to mix reggae and hip hop to produce a sound with a difference. He’s not well known, but is one of my favourite artistes. I used to make the effort to attend concerts whenever he performed in Jamaica. 

Pluto Shervington
I’m cheating today with two persons, but Pluto Shervington is another personality worth mentioning. There’s always something to laugh about in the lyrics for his songs. His career began in the 70’s and apart from being a vocalist, he also plays the guitar and is a sound engineer. Shervingon has enjoyed some international recognition by way of hit songs such as Your Honor and Dat. He now lives in Miami and does live performances.

Spanish Town Square
Spanish Town: originally called Villa de la Vega by the Spanish was Jamaica’s first capital. It is a town built around narrow streets and many buildings made from red brick that have come down to us from the time of the Spanish (1534-1655) and the British (1655 to independence). Among the institutions in Spanish Town is a hospital and prison which was built in the eighteenth century.

Jamaican terms again!
Suss :  gossip
skettel: a vulgar woman
suck suck: a homemade drink that’s frozen inside a plastic bag. A suck-suck is enjoyed by biting one end of the bag and sucking the juice. Children love this.
sufferation: suffering

P.S. I'm still running behind, but hope to catch up on Sunday.

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  1. Great post, I'm glad I found your blog. Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

  2. Another great post. Good choices for people. I love the terms - suss is such a good word. I'm going to have to use that one!

  3. So many wonderful "s" words. Spanish Town looks like a great setting for a novel.

    1. This historical part of it would be. You don't wanna see the part that is in everyday use. :)

  4. Amazing post JL! Spanish Town sounds wonderful!

  5. I'll have to give Shinehead a listen. BTW...I like your photocube for Distraction.

    1. He certainly has a unique sounds.
      Yes, I thought the cube idea was cute.

  6. I'm running behind too as you can probably tell! Only six days to go though!

    So many interesting places in Jamaica. I've only visited for an excursion while on cruise but would like to stay longer. We climbed the Dunns River Falls. I wonder if you covered that at some point?


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