The Publisher's Final Edit

Monday, March 5, 2012

I think I’ve gotten somewhat used to running behind on all things writerly.  I’m almost ready to convert Distraction to PDF format for the final read, but first there are a couple of other books I have to read and/or review. 

I was in the middle of reading Hardware, another novel of mine written under a pen name, but had to stop ‘cause I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t finished a book for review that’s due on this blog tomorrow as part of a tour. Yikes! Of course, it pleased me that at just about 60% of the way, the book went from a canter to a gallop, which means I’ll finish reading it later today.

Have any of you published writers noticed that bits and pieces of your novel get changed on that final edit? Yes, the one you don't get to see. I have noticed, but this time, the changes are along the lines of a sentence dropped here and there, which makes the text tighter. Still, the writer in me is tempted to grumble. You know how we get when we think about having our work presented a tad differently than we envisioned. Anyway, like I said, the changes didn’t hurt one bit.

I know I’m rambling, but you know something that amazes me? Hardware is over 93,000 words and yet, in reading it, I know where sentences have been cut. The truly amazing thing is that my memory leaves a lot to be desired.  And in case you’re wondering why I have the book cover in this post, I’m just following the blogging code which says it’s good to include a picture. ;)

Among the things I need to remember is to make contact with book reviewers who read women’s fiction and start planning for some kind of book tour. Before that, I should settle on a date and get a Goodreads page up and so on, and so forth…

Have you got all your bases covered? Anything you should be doing for novels, both finished and unfinished?

Have a wonderful week!