Blooming Flowers vs Writing

Friday, March 9, 2012

My best pal bought me a potted Gazinna/Gazania last week, which I neglected to water for little more than a day. It looked like the one below, so I called Jackie in a panic and asked what on earth had happened. She explained that because the bottom of the container had a big opening, the water had run off quickly and so the plant had to be replenished more frequently than normal.

I watered the plant yesterday morning and left it in my kitchen (I fancied, in the soothing darkness – though she said Gazinnas/Gazannas love light). When I got home, it looked a lot better. I breathed the proverbial sigh of relief and added more water, which ran out faster than I put it in, of course. 

That experience kind of reminded me how important it is to keep writing. I tend to slack off for ages and if my conscience doesn’t start poking me, I have to force myself to get going again.  Staying away from one of the things I enjoy most carries the risk of me getting rusty, and who wants to have their writing shrivel to the point where it looks like the picture to the left? I wanted to add the picture of my plant with its beautiful blooms, but as usual, I left the USB cable at home.  Good thing the internet is such a vast and wonderful source of information.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep your writing in bloom!

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