Origins Blogfest

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thanks for dropping in. DL Hammons at Cruising Altitude is hosting this blog fest, along with Alex Cavanaugh, Creepy Query Girl and Matthew MacNish. Today, we’re supposed to expose our writing roots, so here goes.

My earliest memories of books go back to when a neighbor used to bring home what I now recognize as the covers from stripped books.  My friends and I traded these covers and kept ourselves occupied with the pictures. If my memory serves me right, most of these books were bodice-rippers, and you know those carry rich and glossy pictures.

I started reading early and always excelled at English, so writing came naturally. By the time I was in second form (eighth grade to Americans) I was writing love stories in exercise books that I’d tape together. These ‘novels’ made the rounds in the classroom and were popular. I can’t say why my interest in writing fizzled, but it did. However, I made up for it by reading tons of books.

After not writing anything but Minutes for a twenty-year stretch, and thinking I could make some money, I decided to write articles on the craft of writing. I sold the first one I wrote (never got paid the promised $10.00, but the article is still live on the net) and haven’t looked back since. It’s a lot more fun writing novels though, so nowadays the only articles I’m writing are for my workshop, or for publication in the local paper.

My view as to who a writer is has changed along the way. Before I was published, I thought I couldn’t call myself a writer until I had exchanged money for my writing. I know better now, and believe that as long as I’m enjoying the creative process and I’m still writing, then I can call myself a writer. 

I hope you feel the same way about what you do. 

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