Getting to 'The End'

Monday, February 27, 2012

Newsflash....Today my alter ego is over at Lynnette Labelle's blog talking about Hardware. Do drop in if you have a minute! We'd appreciate the company.

New week, opportunities. 

I am coming close to saying ‘The End’ for real. I’ve read this book backward, forward, sideways and I believe this is the second-to-last ride on this merry-go-round. Next step is to convert it to PDF and put it on Kindle for a complete read.

I don’t think I’ll get the blues when I’m done with this book because the stand-alone sequel needs a couple of chapters for a full book, and then it needs to be edited.

Ever notice that when you need get a book whipped into shape how everything else slides? Got me tons of stuff to do and people to visit, but you know what? It’ll all get done in due time, starting with the things that should have been done yesterday.

What stuff d’you have that’s way past urgent? And d’you have a strategy to get everything done?