In the Thick of Things Again...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

View @ Half Moon
 Having been out of circulation for a week, I’m daunted by the amount of things I need to catch up on. NaNo was a bust at some 26,000 words, but hey, that novel is well underway. I’m back to reviewing my writer buddies and there are the final touches for my next release that need urgent attention. I’m almost afraid to mention the tons of email I have to catch up on, but you know what? I’m gonna take some of my own advice – one thing at a time. I may never get as caught up as I’d like, but I’ll do what I can to get back to normal in the shortest time.

Garden View

That said, I have lot to tell you, but as is typical of me, it’s not coming together right now – leaking brain juices and all that. But for the moment, I’d be grateful if you’d check out my friend and blogging buddy, Wendy, who has launched her virtual bookstore, Fabulosity Galore. She talks about her venture here. You may want to list your books with her if you’re a writer. She’s good people, but apart from that, Wendy does some thorough and thought-provoking book reviews.

Have a great day! I’ve included a couple of photos showing the view outside the villa where we stayed at Half Moon.