Novel Release & Celebration Giveaway

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I don’t normally post on a Tuesday, except when something special’s happening. I feel like a bad writer person because I haven’t created a lot of fanfare over the release of my latest novel Hardware. Consider this as me blowing my own trumpet, broken fragments and all.   Maybe a symbol of me breaking into the market in a big way?...Nothing is impossible, right?

Hardware is my fourth release and it’s very close to my heart because my tight-ass main female character resembles me a whole lot personality wise. This book also took me on some strange adventures, but to get back on point, Marci Baun of Wild Child Publishing has been a dream to work with, as well as James Kellogg, the superb editor who was assigned to me. 

You can read an excerpt here and if you like Romantic Suspense and think Hardware is something you’d enjoy, stay with me. I’m going to be giving away five copies of the e-book. All you have to do right now is fill in the form below. I’ll also be posting this on my book review blog as well, and will draw the winners in combination. Authors know how precious reviews are, so if you win, help a sister out and leave a review on Amazon and as many other places as you post reviews online.***Don’t make me have to stalk you for you to follow through.*** 

Soooo, if you’ve got a yen to make an armchair visit to Jamaica, remember to complete the form. The drawing will be done on November 12, 2011. You can tweet for extra entries or give the book a plug on your blog. I appreciate anything you can do to help spread the word. 
Camille Moyston has managed to put the nightmare of a violent attack behind her. Having forged a safe, predictable life, the last thing she needs is a cliché, oversexed Jamaican male expressing interest.

For Quinn Mayhew, life is too good to waste time chasing a haughty, irritable woman who is too cautious to accept him for the man he is, but somehow she symbolizes everything he desires in his future.

When Camille's inner fortress finally starts to crumble, Quinn is arrested for murder and everything changes...

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense/Mystery
Book Length: Plus Novel
Word Count: 93,188
Pages: 340


In the unlikely event that you missed the book trailer the first couple of times I posted it, I'm throwing it in the mix again. 

Thanks for stopping in and for your help with Hardware!