Pay it Forward Blogfest & Snapshots of Jamaica

Friday, October 14, 2011

Today I’m participating in the Paying it Forward Blogfest being hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh and Matthew MacNish  The concept is a simple one. See text below stolen off Alex’s blog. See list of participating bloggers here.

Pay it Forward! October 14, 2011 The idea is to introduce all of us to everyone else. We want this to be easy - meet and follow as many other bloggers as you like. In your post, we would like you to please list, describe, and link to three blogs that you enjoy reading and know that others would enjoy as well. And what’s cool, is this can be part of your regular Friday blogging.

Visit those who’s signed up. Visit those they recommend! If you don’t have time to comment, just follow. Take the weekend to go through the list. You might find some really cool blogs out there, just like you did during the first post of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group or last April during the A to Z Challenge. (Or during any of my odd blogfests. Really, I am a writer and an author! Just a little movie obsessed…)

Here are three blogs that I enjoy reading. Hope you’ll visit them and show them some blogluv.

Michelle Fayard and I met earlier this year. She’s a wonderful person, who always has some cool guests (including moi…heh heh). But seriously, follow her blog. She has interesting features and I’ve learned some useful things since I started reading her blog.

Jeanne Bannon  is a Canadian author and someone I am grateful to call friend. She’s also a valued critique partner.  Jeanne writes in the YA and Paranormal genres and has interviews with good writers. Visit her at Beyond Words.

Tirzah Goodwin blogs at A Clever Whatever. You can tell by the name of her blog that it’s owned by a quirky character. Tirzah is a generous soul and cracks me up with her writing. Stop by her blog. She’s a riot.

I'm cheating, cause I'm only supposed to do three, but if you have time check out my buddy Wendy Ewurum from South Africa. She's been helping me get the word out about my writing, asking nothing in return. She's run a blog at Fabulosity Nouveau and blogs about books at Fabulosity Reads. Wendy has a generous spirit and is a really nice person.

Surely, you didn’t think you were gonna get away without looking at some pictures, did ya? Here goes:

Another view of the Caymanas Golf Course

Carambola/Star Fruit/Chinese Jimbilin - Love them by any name!

Name? Could be family to the Frangipani.
I hope you enjoyed your stopover with me! Go meet some writing goals and stop in again on Monday!