Off to the U.K. with Isis Rushdan

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today, I’m off to cooler climes. I’ll be hanging out with Isis Rushdan (Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy writer) talking about what I learned from blogging and publishing. Slip across if you don’t mind. We’re looking forward to seeing you. Who knows? I might let you in on something you don’t know about or haven't yet explored. So hop on over and spend a few minutes with us here.

In case the journey is too much for you, there’s a frog I haven’t quite captured yet, but what I have seen of him, I’m gonna share with you. Gonna try and snare the total package before the week is out. 

It's too funny and darned if he isn’t full of sass! 

And yes, in case you wondered, this is Jamaica where your store front is liable to be taken over by vendors once you close your shop for the day.