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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome back to my regular blogging buddies and a warm Jamaican welcome to those who are stopping by on the Campaign. I’ve got two important things on the front burner today. Well, technically it's Sunday night and the running around I have to do is on Monday morning, but you know the old adage - never put off for tomorrow what you can do today.  With that in mind, this post is up a few hours early.

It’s the end of the summer holidays here in Jamaica, but unfortunately not the end of summer. It’s still waaaaaay too hot. Hot enough to make you want to rip your clothes off and run through the streets nekked as a plucked chicken, but back to reality…

Today, I’m off to school to meet my son’s new teacher. He’s now in  grade five and I’m asking, where do the years go?  So, I'll be a little late responding to your comments, but never fear, I'll be back by mid morning. 

I’m also over at Romance Book Paradise with Nas Dean, talking up a storm.  Drop in if you have a minute. There might be something in it for you.

Have a great week!


  1. Love that photo of the plucked chicken! Haha! I have "Campaign" written on my calendar, but after I read all that I'd need to do, I knew I couldn't keep up with my grandbaby on the way. He's 9 days old now and I just got home from helping out for 5 days. It's funny how one little baby can exhaust three adults and keep us hopping! My daughter is healing from a c-section, so she has a good excuse for being wiped out. Now it's time to catch up with blog posts.

    5th grade is a great age. I hope your son has a great school year. Hope your weather cools down a bit, too. Hang in there. Still laughing at that plucked chicken!

  2. Lyn, congrats on the new addition to the family and yes, babies do command so much of our time. Hope your daughter's healing goes along nicely.

    I'm hoping the weather plays nice too. I'm still thankful we haven't had a hurricane this year. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Oh, yeah, the chicken, lol.

  3. Ah, back to school time! Scary! It's the first day for my son too. I'll check out at Nas Dean's.

  4. I hear you about the nekked chicken. Same here in San Antonio. Except it's not supposed to top 100 today, so that's a tiny improvement.

  5. Clarissa, I've done my motherly duties. Thanks for stopping in over by Nas'.

    Carol, it took me a half hour to cool down after I got off the street this morning. I'm hoping it cools down some.

  6. Hope your son enjoys his new year and teacher.

    After the morning duties, ENJOY the rest of your day.

  7. Hope the meeting goes well!

    <3 Gina Blechman

  8. Hee hee... I'm going to be giggling all day at the chicken image!

  9. Over here, it managed to cool off some yesterday but now the humidity is back with a vengeance and making my hair get all big and puffy. I look like I belong in the eighties.

    Best of luck to you and your son! I remember my mom crying a bit when she sent me off to fifth grade.

  10. Loree, she looks and sounds like a nice lady. Thanks.

    Gina, thanks. Hope you're settling in okay.

    Su, same here on the chicken.

    Marlena, hope things are a bit more manageable heat wise. He had so much fun with the back to school routine once he woke up fully. :)

  11. Yes, where do the years go. Wait until he towers over you. Have a great week.

  12. Hey J.L. Hope you didn't have to rip your clothes off like that poor nekked chicken. How funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Nice to meet you!

  13. What a great interview, Joy! I'm glad that here the weather is just hot enough to make me molt, not completely lose all of my feathers. :)

  14. Ha! This is great! "Hot enough to make you want to rip your clothes off and run through the streets nekked as a plucked chicken," (Not very likely in my case... I'm too much of a prude!)

  15. Hi J.L.! *waves* The years go by so fast don't they? Hope your son has a great school year and the weather cools down for you soon;)

  16. I hope your son had a great 1st day back at school.

    We've had a heatwave here, but today the temp dropped into the sixties and I felt like I was gonna freeze. :)

  17. Dora, I did escape without getting nekked. Good to meet you too.

    Michelle, hoping the weather cools down soon in your neck of the woods.

    Doralynn, I don't think I'd quite manage running thru the streets either. The thought is just an outlet. :)

    Thanks, Christy, hoping for some cool weather real soon too.

    Thanks, Tina. Oh boy, guess we have to go with the flow when the weather goes up and down.

  18. My kiddos just started 4th - ugh! How did it happen so fast?!

  19. Hi J.L.,
    Fellow campaigner here. Can totally relate to the nekked chicken and how times flies. Just joined you blog and looking forward to seeing you on the campaign.

  20. Tara, they grow so fast, it's unbelievable.

    Mark, I'm trying my best to keep up. Not doing so well but there's always tomorrow.

    TWW, thanks! Been over by you tonight.

  21. I ask the same passage of time questions. The next things I'll look forward to is my grandchildren starting school in the next few years. It all goes so fast.

    Tossing It Out

  22. Still chuckling over the photo. I'm visiting Switzerland right now and managed to escape a 109 degree day in Houston...but had plenty of 100+ days before we left.

  23. Arlee, time waits for no man, eh? I thing this year has gone by in a blur.

    Nadine, Switzerland sounds wonderful. Dunno what my electricity bills gonna look like with us running the fan non-stop. :)


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