Should Writers Do Book Reviews? See Fabulosity Reads!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A warm Jamaican hello to those of you who might have landed here from Rach’s Third Platform Building Crusade. Feel free to look around and comment. I’ve noticed that a few people have followed me but their little icon doesn’t lead back to their profile. When that happens, I have to play detective and Google names to see if they lead to a blog. Take a second and make sure that in your blogger profile you have a connection to your blog or web page. It’ll make things soooooo much easier for those who want to follow you back. 

Anyhoo, today I’m over at Fabulosity Reads with my South African blogger pal, Wendy. We're discussing my thoughts on whether there's a conflict of interest with writers reviewing books. Feel free to join the conversation. 

Before you leave, Kelley Smith is graciously giving away a copy of her book Glittering Ashes. Click here to go to that giveaway. The drawing is tomorrow! 

Have a great day!


  1. I've ran into that problem too. I often have to google their name, along with "blogger", to find them.

  2. Thanks, Michael.

    Doralynn, usually Google helps me catch up with the person.

  3. Hello JL I am making my way around the Campaigners blogs.
    I am working on changing all my links to direct to my new blog. I am sure that all the people you Google appreciate that you are awesome enough to do that.

    Nice to meet you.


  4. Hi, Liz,

    Thanks for dropping in. Nice to meet you too. Haven't done much campaigning today.

  5. I've noticed that on some blogs I'm following my contact information doesn't show up, even though it appears on other sites I follow. Go figure!

    I thoroughly enjoyed your guest post and have left a comment for you there as well. :)

  6. Hey, Michelle,

    As more people follow those you've followed, your profile picture falls to the bottom. If you click 'Join this Site' it will tell you that you've joined already and that you can sign in. When you sign in, your profile pic jumps back to the top. Thanks for stopping in over at Wendy's.

  7. Hi from a fellow campaigner - we're in the same WF group.

  8. Hey there.
    I just joined up the campaign and I'm excited to get started!
    nice to meet you.

  9. I wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm in your Women's Fiction/Chick Lit campaign group, and I'm looking forward to connecting.

    I am a writer who reviews books (I love reading, so much a part of who I am as a writer, so it made sense to me. After commenting here, I'm heading over to see what you say).


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