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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I didn’t get much done this past week on the self-publishing project. I still need to run a final edit on that first story I want to offer for free on Smashwords and I also did a couple of covers. I’m taking your ideas and combining them into one cover. Still working on that. 

I did get my usual reading done. There are a few people I stalk follow, who have posted interesting articles on self-publishing that are worth sharing. See posts by award winning author Dee Savoy, and innovative thinker and writer Camy Tang.  I also checked out Beth Elisa Harris’ post on writers supporting each other, instead of doing the opposite and thought it interesting brain food. 

On the organizational front I'm thinking that for someone who swears by lists, I do a poor job of it, to my detriment. I’ve been feeling a little stressed because I’ve made commitments, know they’re creeping up, but haven’t done anything in this direction. So, yesterday I combed Gmail for all the relevant correspondence, printed them out,  and did a sheet in Excel to capture the following:
  •  Interviews/blog posts I’ve agreed to make for the next few months
  • Pending interview/posting arrangements
  • Questions I need to prepare for guests who will be doing interviews/giveaway on my blog/s.
  • Book reviews I’ve agreed to do & scheduling time to download books received.
  • Requests I want to make of my publisher.
  • Most importantly I listed the ‘complete by’ and ‘actual delivery date’.
I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel about the fact that I have pinned down my target dates and know exactly what I need to accomplish. I’m also reminding myself that I'm aiming to have Hardware back with the publisher by Monday of next week. 

Finally, I’m giving away a copy of the book below at The Readers’ Suite. Feel free to follow over there and enter the competition.  I enjoy Japanese culture and fast-paced stories, so I read this guy.  He's good. 

What are you up to? Any thoughts on anything I’ve rambled about today? 
Make sure to check in with Savoy, Tang & Harris. It's worth the time.


  1. I swear by lists too and seem to spend all my time when I'm busy, like now, writing the things. I now have lists of my lists. ;)

  2. The sense of satisfaction when completing a list and knowing each and every thing you have to do, and when, is as good as biting into the first ice cream after a month of dieting! :o)

    Glad you got yourself organized.

    Btw, have you read Ten Thousand Sorrows, by Elizabeth Kim? Korean. Extraordinary.

  3. Thanks for the helpful links. I'll check those out. I've thought about self publishing once or twice. I've been offered some contracts that I just can't bring myself to sign. Good for you on the list. I need to do something like that myself.

  4. You go! Being committed enough to make and triage a list is half the battle. If it's the uphill part, the hopefully the execution of your to-do items will be as pleasurable as walking downhill. :)

  5. I know what you mean. I feel like I can breathe better when I have due dates. Even though that shows me when the pressure is on...

    From your newest follower :)

  6. I'm still very much on the fence regarding self-publishing myself. I've seen people be very successful and not so much with others. What convinced you to give it a try? Just curious:)

  7. Shirley, lists keeps me organizing, but ya know, it sounds like it can be a method of avoidance too. :D

    Jessica, yes, love that feeling of satisfaction. You had to mention ice cream, didn't you? :) Haven't read Elizabeth Kim, but will definitely look out for that book.

  8. Same here, Cynthia.

    Doralynn, I wander around in circles if I don't work with a list. Do your research and see what's right for you. Half the fun for me is seeking information. Of course, if I'm not careful I'll be researching all year. :)

    Michelle, thanks. I just want to get past the learning curve I know is coming with trying to format for Smashwords. If I can do that, I'll manage everything else, I think.

    Kelley, that's it right there. I rest easier knowing I've got the jobs where I can see them and cross them off as they get done. Thanks for following.

    Mark, for me it's not the thought or chance of making scads of money without a publisher. Being is control is something that has really helped me make the decision. I can get the material out to reviewers, I can determine when things get done. I might not have the money to do paper and ink books for now, but I'll have the satisfaction of knowing I'm doing EVERYTHING I can to ensure some level of success. Besides, I'm not sure the two books I ultimately want to self publish would be a superb fit for any publisher.

  9. I"ll make lists and then lose, forget, or ignore them. I do everything last minute as a result. It's a terrible thing.

    I hope everything works out for you. That's a lot of stuff, but I'm sure you can get it all done. And thank you for the links!

  10. That book sounds awesome! I do have to check it out. :P Good luck with your projects.

  11. I'm a list person too, but I gave it up when I got my Blackberry. Now I'm back to using a notebook because I got too disorganized! Good luck on the self pubbing work. :)

  12. Marlena, I know about all those scraps of paper and it's worse if you're a pen and paper addict. Happy to share the links.

    Thanks, Nutschell!

    Lydia, I know what you mean. Paper and has been the best method for me. That Excel sheet turned into something I'm now filling in by hand. Could be this is one of the reasons I buy a lot more notebooks and pens than I need.

  13. Hi JL,

    Thanks so much for including my blog in your post today. I really enjoy your take on things. I checked out the other blogs you suggested. I will be back.

    All the best,
    Dee (as in Savoy)

  14. Thanks for linking to my blog post over at Seekerville!

  15. I have a wonderful editor, however, although she needs my edits back ASAP, she never gives me a specific date. I can't work like that, so I asked her to please set dates for me for motivation. Now, we're both happy.

  16. Thanks for stopping in, Dee. Glad you enjoyed the visit. You're always welcome!

    Camy, the pleasure is mine.

    Clarissa, that might be my problem. I didn't get a 'return by' date, the result of which is that I forgot for more than a week, that I was sitting on the manuscript. Catching up now though.

  17. There's a wonderful feeling about being organised. I'm really really trying - although failing right now - to do this :)

  18. I need to check out those articles you mentioned.

    I'm a list person too! My problem is sometimes I have more fun organizing my to-do lists rather than getting around to what's on there. :)

  19. Sarah, one of the things that works best for me is just deciding to DO stuff. Read an article yesterday by J.A. Konrath that talked about writing, rather than reading blogs, etc. It was another wake up call, which sent me off to concentrate on the manuscript I was supposed to be reading at the time.

    Tina, I found the articles interesting because of the reasons the writers chose to do what they're doing.

    I think at some point we all get sidetracked with organizing and use it as a way to procrastinate. :)

  20. Thanks for sharing those links.

    I find that once I organize my to do list, I always find that the tasks are manageable. It's when they're just floating around in my head that I get overwhelmed.

    Congrats on getting things under control. :D

  21. Thanks, Cheryl. I'm the same way as you. No list, utter confusion. :)

  22. I need a blog list too JL. I get so confused and find myself double booking. My hubby was so impressed today when I showed him my package from Jamaica. LOL

  23. It kinda feels overwhelming when I try to compile information in one place, but it's worth the effort. Dunno why I let things get out of hand as it takes a bit of effort to fix things. :)

  24. Yep, I like my lists too. They keep me on track.

  25. Hi Joy, sounds like you and I are a lot alike. I too get stressed when I see those self-imposed deadlines and commitments looming. But you're right, making a list is a very proactive thing to do and reduces stress. I think we might have the type A, driven type of personality - not good for stress but very good for accompishing things :)

  26. Jeanne, you're right. At times, I have to slow down and remind myself that some of my deadlines are self-imposed. Nonetheless, I get frazzled when time is creeping forward and I have little to show for it.


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