Winners Announced.

Friday, May 20, 2011

According to, the winners of the three ebooks are:-

1.  Elizabeth Varadan
2.  Sarah Makela
3.  Robyn Campbell

I'll be in touch shortly to get the email address where you want the publisher to send your book.  Also, Elizabeth needs to tell me which book she prefers to have. Depending on which she chooses, I'll ask Sarah the same thing.  For ease of reference, see blurbs below. 

Many thanks to everybody who participated and congratulations to the winners.  I'll be doing another giveaway at the end of the month on my book review blog, The Readers' Suite, so look out for that.

Sherryn Albright has all the trappings of success; a devoted husband, loving children and a thriving business. Until a secret explodes on her doorstep. Reece has fathered a child outside of their marriage.

Confronted by the physical proof of Reece's infidelity, Sherryn travels through a wasteland of blame and unforgiveness. Long denied issues also conspire to spin her well-managed life off its axis. Her marriage is shattered, her trust in Reece destroyed, and yet she cannot deny her growing concern for his son.

When a murder makes it clear Reece has not escaped the mean streets of Kingston, Sherryn battles her conscience and public opinion to save her family and herself from destruction.

As master of his destiny, Paul Weekes does what is necessary to survive. He makes his own fortune, but his luck nosedives when hijackers target his illicit shipments. He has no proof, but suspects the police officer who facilitates his exports off the island of Xantrope has turned on him. To make things worse, Paul’s ne’er-do-well cousin is accidentally involved in a gang murder, and a hit is put on him.

A budding liaison with the cop's niece adds more complication. Janine refuses to accept Paul’s way of life, but inadvertently becomes a victim of his lifestyle. Thrust into kidnapping, double cross and murder, Paul must choose between a relationship with Janine and staying alive long enough to change the course of his future. See reviews on Amazon.


  1. Oh, I missed a giveaway! Darn. I need to pop over here more often :)

  2. Boo hoo, but congrats to your lovely winners and I'm sure they'll enjoy them!


  3. Congrats to the winners. I agree with L'Aussie :)

  4. Congrats to the winners.

    Your novels sound like gripping tales. :O)

  5. I can't believe I missed this. I'll definitely be on the lookout.

  6. Congrats to the winners - - and congrats to you for a book that sounds wonderful. :)

  7. I like the sound of Contraband very edgy, I'll check it out :)

    And congrats to the winners.

    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  8. Thanks everybody, I've had a hectic couple of days, hence my silence. Names have been sent on to the publisher.

  9. Oh wow! I won!!!!! Thank you for having the giveaway. What great news. Congrads to the other winners.

  10. Ooh, thanks so much! I'm so looking forward to reading it. I emailed you my choice. Congrats too to the other winners.

  11. It was my pleasure and thank you for participating!


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