Of Tweaking and Book Trailers

Monday, May 9, 2011

After the A-Z Challenge last month, I seemed to have lost my blogging mojo. I spent the weekend editing one of my WiPs, which is a good thing. I thought this project was complete, but it developed complications along the way.  My main challenge has been to up the tension, which hasn’t been hard, and the other is in the area of background noise. My reviewers want to see more of Jamaica in each chapter. I’ve been working my way through and with thirteen chapters done, I have another thirty-odd to go. I’m not worried though, because the chapters aren’t long. 

Isn’t it amazing how an entire novel has to be tweaked once a plot point is messed with?

Nothing more to add, but if you haven’t seen them, I’m adding the book trailers for Contraband, which was released last April and Dissolution, which will be released later this month, and on a housekeeping note, if you haven’t entered my Book Blog Anniversary contest yet where I’m giving away seven books (drawing is on Wednesday evening), click here to enter. 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love the book trailers! They really give an excellent sense of the mystery and conflict. Well done!

  2. Great book trailers!

    I took a little break to recover from the A to Z. Feels good to be back blogging now!

  3. I'm nearing the end of a VERY messy revision process. I totally get it.

  4. Oh man, I always have problem with the tension in my books. I can't seem to make the bad guys bad enough. Plot changes are a big thing but you can get through it :) Good luck with the revisions.

  5. That's why I try to avoid major changes!

  6. I think everybody's mojo went a bit south after the A-Z challenge! It must have worn us all out!

  7. Your book trailers are elegant and memorable; they have inspired me to start working on one for The Underground Gift. With the excitement of having a second book coming out next week and all of the associated publicity, you deserve to take some down time to recuperate!


  8. Do you write genre fiction as well, JL? I write SF, Fantasy and Horror and the editors are always calling for more diversity. I'm sure they would love some Science Fiction set in Jamaica.

  9. Liz, thanks. They were done by another writer, Sybil Nelson. She has a talent for trailer making.

    Talli, thanks. I probably need a break too.

    Carol, I tell myself the revisions will make the book better, so on I go.

    Michelle, yes, I'm wading through it slowly.

    Diane, yes, it helps to find these things while I'm actually writing.

    Su, yes, sustained blogging will wear out anybody.

    Michelle, cool! Glad they inspired you.

    Deborah, I love, love, love romantic suspense. Other than that, I write YA and some action adventure. Not sure I could manage Sci-Fi - too much work - but I never can resist a challenge, so who knows?

  10. Very cool book trailers! I think it was good that you took a break. The A to Z challenge, though I didn't do it, seemed to be very challenging, even though it was fun!

    PS - Really like the new look of your blog!

  11. I know what you mean. I'm in the editing phase and a few complications have come up. Now I will have to re-work most of the novel. Love your book trailers by the way! :)

  12. Awesome trailers! Love them, they're so good, showing perfect balance and hooking us in!

  13. I'm becoming addicted to book trailers! I was a bit burned after A-Z too, but just easing back into it now. Good excuse to get some actual writing or editing done :)
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  14. D.U., Thanks for your kind words. Fun and challenging describes the A-Z perfectly.

    Racquel, guess we work at it until it comes out just right.

    Charmaine, agreed. It's time to get some writing done.

  15. I hate tweaking one small thing and having a huge domino effect that breaks the whole novel. Le sigh. Good luck with your editing and thanks for sharing the book trailers!

  16. Great book trailers!

    I'm struggling with this issue now. I made changes to some plot points and I have so much rewriting to do.

  17. Yes, how well I know that one change has the ripple effect, and you have to be sure you catch everything while tweaking.

    I also love your new site's design. One of the best I've seen!

  18. Just remember it's OK to take a break, especially after you've run a "marathon" like the A-Z Challenge. :)

  19. Ah, the joys of revising. It's so true that messing with one element often means reorganizing lots of other text. Good luck! I'm sure all of your hard work will pay off.

    And congratulations on the book trailers!

  20. Those are really cool trailers that I haven't seen yet I don't know why. I am a little slow. I have a huge problem with rereading and rewatching things so this translates into a big problem of reediting. nuf said:)

  21. Melissa, domino effect about describes it.

    Medeia, I feel your pain.

    Thanks, Lyn, I'm mad about wallpapers and such. :D

    Janel, good advice. Thanks.

    Thanks, Cynthia. I know the book will be better for it.

    Josh, don't I know it. I enjoy writing in the heat of the moment, but have to did my heels in to start enjoying the editing.

  22. You have been busy! And you wonder why you're not blogging. I wish you success as you continue to tackle those chapters.

    I love book giveaways.

    You have a wonderful day too.

  23. Thanks, Theresa. Appreciate you stopping in.

  24. Thanks for your comments and kind words. Editing can and is often painful for me.


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