Who Needs Another Soap Opera?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

One of the goals I set myself this year is to find an agent. It’s not that I can’t query publishers myself, but the problem is a lack of time in which to edit, and then send out the material. I figure an agent will be able to work better deals since they know a lot more about the business of publishing than I do.

With this is mind, I’m editing a novel I wrote in 2008. The working title is Sweet Music Men and it’s about three friends who face a variety of problems; two are cheating on their spouses and one can’t get rid of a man who means her no good.
I posted a couple of chapters at my writing network and one male reader noted that it struck him as too soap-operaish and too shallow to ring true. It’s the first time I’ve had a comment like that, but it’s food for thought. I would agree with him, except for the fact that truth is stranger than fiction. 

I’m not saying anything more on that subject.
Having got that comment, I’ll stew over it for a while and see if I get any other readers who feel that way.  I wouldn’t want to eventually submit something that might get me a rejection, though I’m sure I’ll have some coming my way.

Meantime, I’ll also look at adding more hooks to the first few chapters to keep the reader interested.


  1. I hope you find a fantastic agent! Apparently in Australia its extremely difficult to get an agent, but I'll start thinking about that when I've finished my book.

  2. It seems so, Cass. I have another writer friend from Australia, who would like to get an agent. I suppose she will probably have to submit queries to those in the States or England.

  3. You know how it is, you just have to trust yourself. You can't go with one comment. I've noticed on my reviews, that each of them contradicts the previous review in one way or another. Good luck with the agent hunt. Doralynn

  4. Doralynn,

    I so know what you mean. Don't you know just love it when you get reviews clear from both ends of the spectrum? :D

    I'm trying hard to bring this story to where it should be, but somehow the general consensus is that the MC is distant. Working to see what I can do to change that.


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