Precious Time

Sunday, May 23, 2010

These days, time seems to disappear in a whoosh.

My book promotion is on hold because the books seem to have disappeared somewhere between the US and Jamaica. Other than that, I entered a competition on my writing network and plan to place an entry in a local competition at the end of June.

Sometimes, I think I’m mad to even attempt that, but the judges are tough, so I figure that if they like my project, then I can sell it anywhere else. I need to do a first edit on a project I completed at the end of April and get it tidied up in time to send to the publisher.

To complicate matters, I have characters popping up all over the place. I’d left some of them on this blog and I’m lumping the others at Characters Unleashed. I have one more story idea and I’m avoiding the thought of even writing it down anywhere, ’cause that’ll mean I’m committed to it and therefore have to write something on it. I know I might lose some ideas if I don’t write them down, but I’m holding off as long as I can.

I’m also thinking about self-publishing my YA novels. What I really need is an agent, but I fancied that maybe I should keep hold of one or two projects, over which I have sole control. I have some time to think about this decision, so no need to rush on that.

I expect one manuscript to come back for editing and another to follow, which raises the question of when writers ever get time to relax.

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