Monday, March 1, 2010

Some time ago—when I thought I would write Cass and Jamie’s story for NaNo 2009, I asked for help with plotting on Tirzah, a writing buddy of mine, suggested that I age the girls a little bit.

I thought I’d agreed to that, but somewhere in my first posted chapter, I got their ages mixed up. I’ve been thinking about their ages for a bit and do agree that to make the plot a bit more complex, the girls being older would work lots better.
Both girls are going to have different challenges dealing with their parents splitting up and will need to find ways to cope.

One basic need for both girls is stability. They lost their father to domestic violence in an earlier story. Their mother was committed to an asylum and killed herself. They were then adopted from the children’s home by a relative. A sense of security would rank high up on their list of needs.

Having established this, I’m going to work out a story for each girl and then combine them when I start writing. I have the opening scene for the second chapter worked out in my mind. Once the finishing touches go on, I’ll put fingers to keyboard.

Next post will be their innermost desires/needs and plot points.


  1. This is great, Joy. I'm doing something similar to this blog in four private blogs at Wordpress. Three for novels and one for poetry and short stories. Sort of my private working rooms.

    Good stuff! (And good luck!) :)


    from the desk of a writer

  2. Corra,

    I think this will work great to clarify my thoughts and weave this thing together as I go. Good luck with yours too!


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